Cologne, 30  September 2008 – Eco, the federation of the German Internet economy, along with  .ORG, The Public Interest Registry announce a forum event that will gather thought-leaders under the theme "From Ground Breaking to the Mainstream." During this one-day event, experts will discuss new ideas, concepts, and technologies in the experimental stage that will contribute to the future growth and stability of the Internet. The event will be held on October 8, 2008 in Frankfurt, Germany from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm in the DE-CIX Competence Center at Lindleystr. 12, 60314 Frankfurt/Main. 

"The .ORG domain has come to be regarded as the premier address for sharing ideas, enabling action,  and enhancing lives. The .ORG registry enables its customers to maximize the power of the Internet to serve their missions and passions for change in the world, while fostering new ideas and voices.  .ORG has become an address associated with these characteristics that hold meaning for the entire global community and society at large," says Harald A. Summa, Managing Director of the eco federation.

"The workshop’s theme to foster dialogue about mainstream to ground breaking ideas is a great fit for .ORG, The Public Interest Registry.  The .ORG registry promotes ideals and principles necessary for an open community and the long-term health of the Internet," says Alexa Raad, CEO, of Public Interest Registry.   "Since Germany has the second highest market penetration of .ORG domains, this country was a natural choice to locate this unique event."

The agenda features sessions on new developments with the .ORG domain in the area of security and stabililty as well as discussion on the challenges and opportunities of the increasing Domainer market.  Since The Public Interest Registry took over the administration and managementof the .ORG domain in 2003, the number of registered domains grew from 2.3 million to over 7 million today.  .ORG is the third largest generic top-level domain in the world, following .COM and .NET , and the broad spectrum of .ORG registrants extends from global organizations such as Amnesty international and Greenpeace to communities such as Craigslist and Wikipedia, as well as federations and associations. 

About .ORG, The Public Interest Registry
Trusted across all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, .ORG is where people turn to find credible information, get involved, fund causes and support advocacy.  .ORG, The Public Interest Registry empowers the global noncommercial community to use the Internet more effectively and, concurrently, takes a leadership position among Internet stakeholders on policy and related issues.  The .ORG domain is the Internet’s third largest "generic" or non-country specific top-level domain with more than 7 million domain names registered worldwide.  .ORG, The Public Interest Registry, was founded by the Internet Society in 2002. It is based in Reston, Virginia, USA.

About eco Federation
eco, ( the federation of the Internet economy has been in Germany for over ten years. More than 400 member enterprises employ over 250,000 coworkers and gain a conversion of approximately 45 billion euro annually. The eco associations are represented by approximately 230 companies in the German Internet community.  The federation’s goal is it to advance the commercial use of the Internet in order to strengthen the position of Germany in the Internet economics and with it the German economic situation. The eco federation prides itself as a company that seeks the protection of interests of the German Internet economy in relation to policy, in legislative procedures and in international committees.

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